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I tried to travel it away, written by a licensed mental health professional aims to help those who travel, and those who wish to travel get their mental health in order; through forgiveness, self care, and mindfulness practices, such as deep breathing exercises.


In reading this book you will learn how traveling can impact your overall mental health and well being, while finding ways to keep the excess "baggage" [lies, guilt, shame, and burdens] at home. This book offers effective mental health tips to help you maintain your sanity before, during, and after a trip.


If you find yourself constantly saying, "I need a vacation", this book is for you. If you travel at least once a year this book is for you. If you travel more than five times a year, this book is definitely for you. I tried to travel it away aims to help you create a life you do not have to travel away from. Travel because you want to not because you have to!

I tried to travel it away: Mental health tips for travelers

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